Family CCTV Catches Ghost Footage

A family installed CCTV around their house after complaining of a supernatural presence.

They wanted to capture whatever it was that had been “haunting” them. What they caught on the CCTV footage did not disappoint them.

Take a look for yourself.


The footage shows two people casually walking up their driveway, whilst followed by a “ghostly” presence.

Previously, they had been complaining about a “demonic spirit” around the premises of the home. They installed the CCTV, and were not surprised with what they saw.

The original source of the video comes from Spain. The original ghostly video was described with this:

Several days security cameras were installed to capture some evidence to confirm what the family that lived in this house said.”
And it is that they speak of demonic or ghostly presences, until finally it captures a specter going down the stairs of the place.”



Is There An Explanation?

Usually there always is.

Either this documented CCTV footage is true, and we have all just witnessed a ghostly figured following people. Or, there is a more logical explanation.

Watching, and studying the footage closely, you can notice that the “ghostly figure” moves identical to the person in white. Every step, every arm movement, every action, just a bit delayed.

Ghost on CCTV

Family CCTV catches “ghost” footage

So, either this ghost likes to copy the actions of the person in front, or it is glare from the camera.

The footage is not shot in the best quality, so it is possible that lens reflection has caused this “ghostly figure” to appear.

Many people who have witnessed the video agree and say:

It is a reflection of the camera lens, nothing to do with the supernatural.

I think it’s just a mistake. It looks like the reflection of the person in white. It has the same shape.

We can conclude that the footage has either been edited, or the explanation is due to camera reflection. For us, this is not supernatural.


Other Ghosts Caught On CCTV

You may remember we wrote an article about a mysterious ghost orb caught on CCTV in a Russian Gulag.

However, no clear explanation can be drawn, it is in the region of bizzare.

ghost caught on camera

Ghost orb on CCTV in Russian gulag

A ghostly orb appears to move from an office to the other end of the corridor, and then back towards the office. The orb changes size and moves freely throughout the footage.

Sometimes dust, camera glare or insects can explain the appearances of ghost orbs. However, the free flowing movement of this particular orb seems very uncharacteristic for the above explanations.

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