Gaming Problems Between Then And Now

Video games have come along way over the past decade. However, the problems we all had growing up playing video games hasn’t faded away, just merely changed.

Mart Virkus, an Estonian artists put together a comic strip depicting the problems gamers faced in the past, to the problems they face now.

For anyone who has played games 10+ years ago, and are still playing today – these sets of comic strips will hit the nail on the head.

Please, sit back, relax and enjoy the problems you gamers face on a regular basis.



Remember always having to wait your turn to play on the PlayStation 1? Nowadays waiting isn’t a problem, but this alone brings a whole new problem. Endless amounts of NOOBS.

gaming problems

We’ve all experienced this problem of “noobs”.


In the past you always wanted someone to help you and give you a clue of what to do. However, in today’s world of modern gaming, EVERYONE is telling you what to do.

link gaming

Nowadays everyone is telling you what to do!


We always wanted a little bit more to do in games 10 years ago. But now, there is a never ending chain of missions, side quests, help needed etc.

gamer problems

There is always so much to do in video games now.


Mum would always shout and complain we might get obese. Well, nowadays we risk our lives with Pokemon Go, trying to catch virtual Pokemon.

obesity from gaming

Pokemon Go made us risk our own lives.


In Resident Evil we always made sure we got to a save point, it was crucial! Now, when a game autosaves you know something bad is going to happen!

save point in games

Autosaving in gamers changes the way we see the online world.


No longer do gamers waste time to get in-game items, like when World of Warcraft first came out. But now, we actually spend real life money on in-game items. Which is worse?

World of Warcraft problems

Gamers don’t waste time on in-game items, but money.


So, there you have the problems gamers face. The difference between then and now.

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