Ghosts: Fact or Fiction

FACT: A surveys in America tell us that around half of the population believe in Ghosts, the paranormal and hauntings.

Ghost children

Ghostsly disfigured children

Over the years there have been a countless number of TV shows, films, books, videos and Internet websites that claim to have ghost experiences. Paranormal activity investigators, eye-witnesses and mediums being convinced that ghosts are fact and not fiction.

Halloween has just past, and we all know it is a very popular time to talk about ghosts and the supernatural. The media loves it. They love to ignite the fears, entertainment and fun that people feel when they hear of a ghost story.

Let us take a look at some FAQ’s, and determine if ghosts are fact or fiction.


Q: What does a ghost look like?

FACT: Ghosts have never been captured, caught and examined. So we can not categorically say exactly how they look.


Photo of a ghost caught on camera

Over the centuries the term “ghost” has changed. Nowadays we perceive ghosts as the living spirits of dead humans or animals – and therefore are depicted to look like their living bodies, but white, faded and ghostly.

Ghosts are seen as the remains of a person who’s body has passed, but their soul has not journeyed to another existence. Each religion has a different interpretation of the afterlife.

Q: Is there an afterlife?

FACT: No scientific research has reached a conclusion to state there is an “afterlife”.

For centuries many religions have stated that there is something more than the physical life we are living today. Christians believe in a realm of “heaven and hell”. Here your actions in the physical world will determine if you deserve an afterlife of happiness or misery. Buddhists believe in reincarnation – karma determines how you will be reincarnated.


A depiction of when you go to the afterlife – heading towards the light

However, it seems in the eyes of paranormalists some people are damned to spend their afterlife stuck in the realm of the physical.

Although there is no scientific evidence to support these theories, many people still believe in an afterlife. They believe that “ghosts”, “spirits” and the paranormal are beings beyond the measures of modern-day science.

Q: Have investigations proven anything?

FACT: Most paranormal activity investigations are done in amateur-ish conditions.

Firstly, it has been proven that a large number of videos and photographs depicting “ghosts” are staged and edited.

Secondly, a lot of investigations into the paranormal world are done by amateur’s. Usually they tend to already believe in the paranormal and do not try to discount it’s existence.

Ghost hunt

Humans investigation paranormal activities

The majority of investigations are not able to access any historical records. They cannot categorically state that “this soul” was killed many years ago in a tragic murder.

However, some can. A small percentage of paranormal investigations have been proven to be accurate with what has been said about the “ghost” after records have been checked.

Q: What is the evidence of ghosts?

FACT: No equipment has ever been proven to detect the 100% existence of ghosts.

Firstly, evidence of ghosts come from ghosts stories. Experiences that people share with others, or what they have heard happen to someone else. Ghosts stories have been around for hundreds of years, from the Bible to modern day.


A ghostly figure stands beside a tree at night

Everyone loves a good ghost story.

However, word of mouth is the most inconsistent form of evidence to hint at the reality of ghosts. If you have ever played “Chinese Whispers” you know why. They are often misleading, incorrect and made up.

Other, more physical evidence can be seen in videos and photographs, but as we have already mentioned these can be manipulated and edited.

EVP (electronic voice phenomena) is another area in which paranormalists point towards as being a source of evidence from the “other side”. However, many normal activities can explain the noises heard on the EVP recordings – people whispering, radio frequency interference, body noise or more.

Q: Why do people believe in ghosts?

It is strange to think that so many people believe in ghosts if there is no concrete evidence to support the theory.

However, the idea of an afterlife, far superior to this one, offer a lot of people comfort as they approach death. The belief allows us to always feel close to the ones we have lost, that they are not gone for good.

Other reasons why people may believe in ghosts is because they have seen, witnessed or heard something that they cannot explain. A strange shadow, a sudden feeling of cold, the feeling of being watched, strange noises in the night.

At the end of the day, your belief is your choice. Believing in ghosts and the afterlife is not a ridiculous idea – it is a common human belief.

Q: Ghosts – are they fact or fiction?

Evidence shows us ghosts are fiction. However, it is possible that there is something beyond our limits of understanding.

So, do you believe in ghosts and the afterlife? Let us know what you believe.

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