Three Fingered Alien Claw Found In Tunnels Below Peruvian Desert

alien claw

Comparison between alien claw and human hand

A gigantic three fingered “alien claw” has been found beneath the tunnels of the Peruvian desert.

A team of self-proclaimed paranormal researchers are the ones who found the mysterious “claw”. They claim is is from an alien.

However, these claims have not been backed up by any reputable scientists or acclaimed University’s. The team say they found the “alien claw” in Cusco, Peru.


The fingers of the “alien claw” are measured to be around 8 inches long.

The paranormal enthusiast team also state they have discovered a humanoid elongated skull. But as of yet, we do not have any images from them to prove this. On top of the mystery, the team have no revealed where they found the “alien claw” or humanoid skull. They have only mentioned that it was in tunnels beneath the desert.

giant alien claw

8 inch finger alien claw

Brien Foerster was then handed the “claw” by the group. Foerester is well know as a paranormal enthusiast himself, and runs a tour company within Peru.

When Foerster was handed the “alien claw”, he and six unnamed “professionals” performed tests on it. The tests revealed that it had six bones in each finger. Where as humans only have five.

The research team also conducted tests using an x-ray machine. The results confirmed that the “claw” was genuine, and made of real bone and skin tissue.

On top of this, the team have announced they mean to carry out further testing. They want to conduct DNA testing, and a radiocarbon test on the “alien claw” and humanoid skull.

Giant alien claw

Three fingered alien claw has been found in tunnels beneath Peruvian desert


However, we must bare in mind that this isn’t the first “alien artifact” to raise eyebrows in the scientific community.

Numerous of ancient artifacts have been proclaimed as proof aliens visited earth thousands of years ago.

Ancient alien artifacts

Ancient alien artifacts found around the world


So, what do you think? Is this the real deal?

Is this “alien claw” proof that aliens visited our planet thousands of years ago?

Please leave a comment below and tell us what you think.

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