How Much Your Old Toys Are Worth

Do you ever sit back, relax and think about your childhood toys? The hours upon hours of fun you had playing with them.

The furby’s, tamagotchi’s, Pokemon cards etc. All these toys, that crafted our imagination and paved way for the technology and toys we have today, are worth more than you may think.

After reading this article, you might regret throwing away your treasured childhood toys.



Hot Wheels Bus

hot wheels

How much do you think this Hot Wheels bus is worth?


The Hot Wheels collection – which launched in 1968, and is still creating to this day – is a popular toy car favorite among boys. Some what of a collectors item for many people, and the rare and limited edition cars can go for a lot of money.

Take this above Hot Wheels Bus as an example. How much do you think it’s worth?

It is actually worth £101,500.




Remember the first virtual pet? Tamagotchi.


Surely we all remember the Tamagotchi? The first pocket virtual pet. It doesn’t seem like such a long time ago that we spent so much time feeding, cleaning and looking after this thing, only to have it die the next day.

Well, if you still have an original lying around somewhere, it might be worth finding it. These things can be worth up to £1,500.


Pokemon Cards


Shiny Charizard Pokemon Card.


Most 90’s kids will remember the fabled Japanese show Pokemon, and the Pokemon card game that came with it. These Pokemon cards became a collectors item, and with the recent release and interest surrounding PokemonGo, the market for the older cards has increased.

This shiny Charizard Pokemon Card can fetch up to £7,700.




Furby, the first in-house robotic talking toy.


Furby was the first marketed in-house robotic talking toy launched in 1998. It was a huge success, with kids everywhere wanting a Furby for Christmas or a birthday.

The Furby spoke it’s own language (Furbish), and could slowly learn other words in the English language too. Original Furby’s are worth around £730.


Sega Mega Drive

sega mega drive

The Sega Mega Drive, featuring the classic Sonic game.


The 16-bit Sega Mega Drive was a must have for all hardcore gamers back in the 1980’s. However, it was short lived as the gaming station wars began, with the likes of the PlayStation entering the race.

But, in the prime of it’s day, the Sega Mega Drive was made famous thanks to the hugely addictive Sonic The Hedgehog video game.

It is now worth around £1,600.


Original Gameboy


An original gameboy was a must have gaming device for gamers.


First released in 1989, the original handheld Gameboy changed the way children played video games. It revolutionized the way video games were played, and enabled kids to play them wherever they wanted.

An original Gameboy is worth around £300.


Polly Pocket

polly pocket

Polly Pocket toy was a huge success with girls.


Having pocket sized dolls that fit in a small heart-shaped box that you carry around was a great market idea for girls. You were basically carrying around your own little world!

These original Polly Pocket sets can fetch around £300.


Lego Pirate Ship


The Lego Pirate Ship allowed kids to have their own little adventure.


During the 90′, the Lego company really put a lot of effort into their work. Creating more complex and detailed lego toys for people to build and play with.

Take this Lego Pirate Ship as an example, with it’s own Pirate crew, cannons, walking plank and skull and cross bones. This is worth about £610.


Star Wars Epic Duels Game

star wars epic duels

star wars epic duels.


Although this isn’t as much of a vintage toy as the previous toys, it’s value is quite substantial. It was released in 2002, and due to the huge interest in Star Wars, the price reflects this.

EBay sellers of this game are asking anywhere between £240 to £975.


So, if you have any of the above toys, it is worth wondering if you will part with them for the right price.

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