Local Alcoholic Pony Enjoys Breaking into Pubs

We’ve all heard the term “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse” but it seems these days horses and ponies have sayings of their own. I guess you could say as far as ponies go, their new phrase is, “I’m such an alcoholic I need to break into a local pub STAT!”

Meet Mocha:


Our friend Mocha over here is highly into drinking to the point where he has lost all self-control. He snuck into a British pub and started drinking out of pint glasses. Talk about baller status!



As you can tell, this pony likes to party hard. Look at the sincere drunkenness in his eyes. He can’t even stand up straight for God’s sake.

To see Mocha the drunken pony in drunken pony action, watch the video here.

So, you thought drinking with your friends was fun?
Forget about that. Drinking with ponies is all the rage these days!


And if you don’t like drinking with ponies…

potato chips isolated on white background

Luring the ponies outside with chips worked for Mocha, the most alcoholic pony in the world.

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