A Ring to Tell if Your Partner is Cheating?!

HB ring by The Touch

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You might have heard of the the HB ring created by The Touch. The basic idea of this ring is to make you and your partner feel more connected through your heartbeat. Quite sentimental, but could these rings possibly make you feel LESS connected?

fighting over ring

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For example, what if the ring don’t work as planned? A dead battery or something?

Or another scary idea: you know how cheating couples take off their wedding rings if they go out somewhere, such as a party or a bar? Well, imagine taking this ring off and scaring your partner away. By ACCIDENT. Just because you didn’t want it to fall off.

girl freaking out over ring

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Or what if you’re taking a shower and remove it from your finger? What happens then? Will your phone blow up with a thousand calls from your boyfriend?

blowing up phone about ring

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Or God forbid it’s just uncomfortable or in the way of your work. Will your partner think you’re cheating and then have a heart attack, and you won’t even be able to tell because your ring isn’t on?!

freaking out over ring

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Maybe you had better save the $2,990.00 for a pair of these rings to spare you the heartache. (Haha, get it?)

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