Science Jewelry Perfect For Nerds

Love science and love jewelry? Then chances are these nerdy science pieces of jewelry are perfect for you!

A science and art lover decided to combine her two passions together to create a company that crafts science jewelry. And so, four years ago Delftia jewelry was born.

The jewelry is designed not only to be beautiful, but unique too. A “conversation starter“.

Through the amazing craftsmanship, science can once again be the center of a conversation.

Take a look at some of the below pieces of jewelry and see for yourself:


Detailed necklace of a human brain.

brain jewelry

This detailed necklace of a brain.


carbon atom

A diamond carbon atom necklace.


This incredible pair of DNA earrings.

DNA earings

A pair of DNA earings.


Necklace with detailed map of the Earth.

earth necklace

Necklace with detailed map of the Earth.


evolution tree

An evolution tree necklace.


heart beat necklace.

A necklace with a heart beat.


A multipolar neutron necklace.

multipolar neutron

multipolar neutron.


heart necklace

Detailed necklace of a heart pendant .


science jewelry

3 circles form a reuleaux triangle.


An Erlenmeyer science flask.

science flask

An Erlenmeyer science flask.


spiral necklace

Spiral designed necklace.


triangle necklace

triangle necklace.


To find out more about these beautiful pieces of jewelry, check out the websites below:


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