What Suicide Squad 2 Needs To Make It A Smash Hit

So, it’s been officially confirmed that Warner Bros is looking at making the sequel to Suicide Squad. Mel Gibson has been announced as the director for the new film.

With this in mind, we will take a look at everything Suicide Squad 2 needs to change to make it a watch-worthy film.

Mel Gibson Suicide Squad 2

Mel Gibson has been confirmed as the director for Suicide Squad 2.


So, what exactly was wrong with the first film?

For starters, the Squad were not as badass as they should have been. The film is based on the comic book of the Suicide Squad, and apart from the characters, and the quick introduction that “they are bad guys”, the film is far from what we expected.

Of course, it had to be different to fit the profile of a “big-screen” movie, but it was a disappointing film.

Suicide Squad turned into more of a classic superhero film. Monster in the city. Go save the world. The plot, the dialog and the turn of events were completely out of character for the Squad.

Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad in the first film


Not only do the characters in the comics have a more selfish and sadistic personality, their “job” roles are usually different too. There is not really a “save me from a monster” mission for them. Their missions are usually political, and help keep the governments own interest at heart.

The government uses the Squad in it’s own corrupt games, and although we saw glimpses of that in the film, it wasn’t to the real taste of the comics.

They are put in difficult situations. Continue killing hostile enemies (other humans) or face being killed yourself. And they would never think about sacrificing themselves for the greater good – like in the film.

Not only does Suicide Squad have the room to grow in this direction, it is a must!

Suicide Squad comics

The Suicide Squad from one of the many comics.


Secondly, Suicide Squad 2 needs to loose the lovey-dovey romance between Harley Quinn and the Joker. Of course, we know they are in love, and they do kind of have the weird romance, but it takes too much away from the film.

It boarders on annoyance.

Less romance. Less love. More action. More killing.

Suicide Squad 2 has the chance to do what it really should be doing. Being different. Changing the way we look at superhero films. Making us realize there is a moral difference, and that political power, and superhero power comes very close to a moral dividing line.


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