Most Underrated Pokemon

Do you want to know the most underrated Pokemon to add into your team?

Generations of Pokemon games have come and gone, from the traditional Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue, to the newer Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. There are now 774 Pokemon in the 7th generation.

To select the best Pokemon for your team is becoming harder and harder with the vaster range on offer. Whether you are going to be taking on Gym Leaders, the Elite Four or random trainers in a field, you need to have the best Pokemon in your team.

Now that Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon has been released, we can take a look over the generations of different Pokemon and let you know which are the most underrated Pokemon, and should be considered to be in your team.

Let us begin.


10 – Roserade

roserade pokemon

Roserade uses a special move

Pokemon Type: Grass/Poison

A lot of people tend to stray away from Grass or Poison type Pokemon, but Roserade will show you just how devastating they can be.

Roserade has an ability called Poison Point – which causes poison damage to any Pokemon that attacks it. This helps begin the counter attack and is just the beginning problem for opponents status Pokemon.

Venom Drench is a move that will seriously reduce any stat to a Pokemon that has been affected by a poison ability. Venoshock can also be taught to Roserade which will compliment Venom Drench and make this Grass/Poison type Pokemon a real nightmare for opponents when battling.

Suggested Moves:

  • Grassy Terrain
  • Magic Leaf
  • Venom Drench
  • Venoshock


09 – Emolga

emolga pokemon

Emolga glides through the air

Pokemon Type: Electric/Flying

Often overlooked as fans believe it is a “wanna-be” Pikachu clone, Emolga can actually be very effective and useful to bring into your team.

Emolga is in a very unique Pokemon type group, it’s Electric/Flying combination type is worth taking the time to think about. Each half of this little guys Pokemon types help cancel out the majority of their weakness – meaning Emolga does not have many opposing weaknesses.

Emolga also falls into the “quick growth” category of Pokemon, meaning he is easy to train and fast to level up. This Pokemon’s Attack stats and Special Attack stats increase rapidly and are good enough to benefit his Electric/Flying type.

Suggested Moves:

  • Acrobatics
  • Discharge
  • Double Team
  • Spark


08 – Arcanine

arcanine pokemon

Arcanine stands proud knowing he is a strong Pokemon

Pokemon Type: Fire

A lot of people love Fire type Pokemon, but overlook Arcanine and instead choose the likes of fan-favorite Charazard.

However, would you believe us if we said Arcanine can be better than Charazard and is a very underrated Fire Pokemon? Arcanine is built for speed, he has a very quick base model, and his HP capacity is something that can actually outgrow Charazard’s – meaning Arcanine can last longer in battle.

If you are able to come across an Arcanine that has Flash Fire then you are in luck! This ability will make it so much stronger in comparison to other Fire type Pokemon. Arcanine’s Fire type moves and abilities will be enhanced by 50% whilst this is active.

Suggested Moves:

  • Bite
  • Extremespeed
  • Fire Fang
  • Flamethrower


07 – Seismitoad

seismitoad pokemon

Seismitoad stands before you and will not go down easily in a fight

Pokemon Type: Water/Ground

This water/ground Pokemon is a must have suggestion for the most underrated Pokemon in the list.

Seismitoad has a very strong and solid base HP, meaning it will take a lot of beating to defeat this Pokemon in battle. It’s Water type attacks are strong like in most Water type Pokemon, and its Attack stats make it one of the games most powerful physical Water type Pokemon.

With the double combination to be Water and Ground type Pokemon, Seismitoad only has one weakness – Grass type Pokemon. However, it is able to learn the move Poison which can help it combat against its weakness and possibly even win a battle that would otherwise be lost.

Suggested Moves:

  • Acid
  • Hydro Pump
  • Hyper Voice
  • Mud Shot


06 – Noctowl

noctowl pokemon

Noctowl is an underrated Pokemon

Pokemon Type: Flying/Normal

Even though Noctowl is not actually classed as a Psychic type Pokemon, it can actually learn more Psychic based attacks than Flying ones.

This will allow Noctowl to use the powerful Psychic moves without being affected by the weaknesses of Psychic type Pokemon. Being a Flying/Normal type Pokemon, it only has 3 weaknesses to actually worry about.

Noctowl’s ability to use Dream Eater and Hypnosis will leave any opponent Pokemon on the battlefield with serious problems.

Suggested Moves:

  • Air Slash
  • Dream Eater
  • Extrasensory
  • Hypnosis


05 – Snorlax

snorlax pokemon

Snorlax uses bodyslam on an opponent

Pokemon Type: Normal

Snorlax is a fan-favorite Pokemon, but not usually a popular choice of Pokemon to have in your team.

This gigantic beast is not easy to take down and defeat in battle. A well trained Snorlax is a formidable opponent. Snorlax isn’t the most offensive Pokemon, but what he lacks in Attack stats it more than compensates for in HP and defensive stats.

Snorlax is a tank and hard to overpower. Even more, his abilities of Rest and Substitute will frustrate your opponents as they try to chip away at his HP and deplete their own PP.

Suggested Moves:

  • Heavy Slam
  • Rest
  • Sleep Talk
  • Substitute


04 – Skunktank

Pokemon skunktank

Skunktank leaps forward in battle

Pokemon Type: Dark/Poison

Skunktank is another brutal beast of a Pokemon that has impressive stats that make up for its downfalls.

Starting off Skunktank only has one type of weakness, and has five strength types. He is a pretty quick beast for such a large Pokemon, and has impressive HP and Attack stats.

Skunktank is another “quick growth” Pokemon, which means he is quick to level up and easy to train.

Suggested Moves:

  • Acid Spray
  • Night Slash
  • Toxic
  • Venoshock


03 – Bulbasaur

Pokemon bulbasaur

Bulbasaur uses vine whip!

Pokemon Type: Grass/Poison

Bulbasaur – the 001 Pokemon. A traditional and classic Pokemon that is often overlooked and underrated.

Starting of with Pokemon Red and Blue most people began with Charmander or Squirtle. But you probably didn’t realize how useful Bulbasaur can actually be. Bulbasaur and it’s two evolution’s are masters in being a tank that can deal high impact damage, and over-time damage with poisoning moves.

There are very few Pokemon in the world that have mastered this deadly combination, but Bulbasaur makes real good work of it. This little guy also has moves like Sleep, which will paralyze and frustrate your opponents in battle.

Suggested Moves:

  • Seed Bomb
  • Sleep Powder
  • Solar Beam
  • Sunny Day


02 – Kingdra

Pokemon kingdra

Kingdra uses a move to disorientate his opponent

Pokemon Type: Water/Dragon

One of the most well-rounded and over-all balanced Pokemon.

Kingdra has an array of useful stats, and being a “Jack of all trades” doesn’t hinder it’s performance as a well established Pokemon.

The combination of Water and Dragon type Pokemon mean it has very few weaknesses, and the attacks it can learn when trained up mean it can deal incredible amounts of damage with the advantage of STAB.

Suggested Moves:

  • Brine
  • Dragon Pulse
  • Dragon Dance
  • Surf


01 – Breloom

breloom pokemon

Breloom stands towering over a defeated opponent

Pokemon Type: Grass/Fighting

Breloom was a very unique combination type of Pokemon when Pokemon X and Y was released.

This Grass and Fighting type Pokemon has an incredibly high Attack stat, making its physical attacks extremely powerful when in battle. It can deal substantial amounts of damage.

Breloom can also learn status altering moves, meaning it can inflict high impact damage and damage over time. Breloom is the perfect surprise package to throw into the battlefield and shock your opponents with its effectiveness.

Suggested Moves:

  • Brick Break
  • Leech Seed
  • Seed Bomb
  • Sky Uppercut


Now you have our list of the most underrated Pokemon. We hope this list has helped you decide who to put in your team, and fingers crossed include some of our mentioned Pokemon.

Leave a comment below – let us know what you think. Who do you think should have been in this list of most underrated Pokemon?


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