Most Unusual Sports

Most people enjoy playing sports. But for some people the ordinary sports aren’t interesting enough. This is why we have unusual sports!

So, without further hesitation let us take a look at the world’s most unusual sports!



The sport of “poohsticks” was first mentioned in a Winnie The Pooh Book. The idea behind the sport is very simple. Anyone can play it! All you need is a stick, bridge and a river. Players stand on the bridge and simultaneously drop their chosen stick into the upstream part of the river. Who’s ever stick appears first downsteam is the winner!


Competitors stand on a bridge ready to drop their sticks in the below river

Since 1984, Day’s Lock on the River Themes has held the yearly tradition of “World Poohsticks Championships”.



Zorbing is a very fun and entertaining unusual sport. It entails people rolling down a hill – in a usually clear plastic orb. The sport is commonly played on a gentle slope. However, you can play it on a flatter surface to have more control as you roll.


Two Zorber’s roll down a slope hill

A lot of publicity about Zorbing says it is an extreme sport. However, this is far from the case. Zorbing is generally a safe practice, albeit unusual sport, with no competitiveness.


Extreme Ironing

Now, here is a real extreme and unusual sport! Extreme Ironing is the sport of taking your iron, ironing board, and creased clothes to an outdoor area. Then you begin! There is no particular way that is right or wrong. Providing you are doing it to the extreme!

Extreme Ironing

3 people sky dive and extreme iron at the same time!

Extreme Ironing participants call themselves “Ironists”. Common areas Ironists do this unusual sport is underwater, surfing, sky diving, on cliffs, on a moving vehicle and many more.



The unusual sport of Gurning is the art of making the ugliest face. Whoever can pull the ugliest face wins! The UK has held the World Gurning Championships since 1267. That’s how old this unusual sport is!

gurning championships

A competitor pulls an ugly face in the Gurning World Championships

The event is held at Egremont Crab Fair on an annual basis.


Chess Boxing

Chess and Boxing are not unusual sports, but when combined together they are! This sport implicates the physical contact of Boxing, with the mental concentration of Chess. The sport first featured in a comic book by Enki Bilal in 1992. It wasn’t until 2003 that the unusual sport was put into practice.


Two Chess Boxers play chess in a boxing ring

Opponents take the combination of these two sports in alternative rounds. They will first begin with 4 minutes of Chess, followed by 2 minutes of boxing. The match will last 11 rounds. Alternatively, a checkmate or knockout will win the match.


Cheese Rolling

This is one of many extreme and unusual sports in modern society. The Cheese rolling competition is an annual event. It is held on Cooper’s Hill in Glouceter, England. The idea is simple, crossing the finish line at the bottom of the hill. However, it is far from simple.

Cheese Rolling

Competitors come down Cooper’s Hill to reach the bottom

First, a 3kg cheese is rolled down Cooper’s Hill. After this all participants run, roll, fall and stumble down the hill to be the winner. The hill is very steep and some people get hurt – badly. But it’s not all bad news. The winner gets to keep the cheese that was rolled down the hill!



The unusual sport of Bossaball was invented in 2004 by Filip Eyckmans. The concept to the game is very similar to Volleyball, but also includes elements of Football, Gymnastics and Capoeira.


Two teams get ready to play Bossaball!

Two teams of 3 to 5 players compete head to head on a specially designed court. The court is inflatable and has a tapeline on each side of the net in the middle.


Leave a comment below to tell us any unusual sports you have played, witnessed or experienced!

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