Valentine’s Day At Hooters For Single People

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Hooters, the American restaurant is giving away free wings to single people on valentine’s day.

Hooters wings

Freshly cooked Hooters wings, available on valentine’s day for all single people. Photo credit: Hooters


Valentine’s day is the day dedicated to sharing the love between yourself and your partner. But, what do you do if you are single?

Go to Hooters and enjoy the food!

This idea is for single people who feel alone on valentine’s day, or have recently been separated from their partner. All you will need to do is take a photo of your ex to Hooters, rip it up and destroy it, and you will get a plate of free wings.

Simply buy a plate of 10 Boneless Hooters wings, rip up a photo of your ex, and get another free plate of wings!

Hooters boneless wings

Hooters will give you a free plate of wings after you destroy a photo of your ex.


In the event that for some reason you don’t want to go and see the view of the Hooters girls, you can do your “shred your ex online“. Once that is done online, you can print your coupon, order your wings to go, and eat them in the comfort of your own home. Alone. On Valentine’s Day.

Although, it is highly recommended to attend Hooters if you want those free wings. They will actually shred the photo of your ex. That way, it feels a lot more personal.


So, what will you be doing tomorrow for Valentine’s Day?

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