Zombie Apocalypse: We Would Only Last 100 Days!

How long do you think you can survive a zombie apocalypse?

Chances are, not as long as you think. That is according to a student peer-review on the subject matter.

The paper states that Earth’s population will rapidly fall to only 273 survivors within 100 days!

So, you ask, where has this study come from, and how did they manage to calculate these figures?

The paper was published in the University of Leicester’s Journal of Physics Special Topics. They used the SIR model to calculate their findings. The SIR model is used to simulate the outcome of an epidemic or pandemic plague over time.

This is not the first time that the subject of “zombies” has been used to suggest how the human population would cope. In 2015, The Lancet (a British medical journal) published the “Zombie infections: epidemiology, treatment, and prevention”.


Destroyed town during a zombie apocalypse

How The Research Was Done

During the analysis of the paper, the Leicester University undergrads presumed each zombie would have a 90 percent chance to find and catch a human every day. This would mean the rate of infection would be twice as much as that of the Black Death.

Throughout the zombie apocalypse, the undergraduate students also calculated that each zombie could last 20 days without consuming human flesh.

Given that the current human population is around 7.5 billion, it would take a single zombie only 20 days to start an epidemic on a global scale. Excluding geographical isolation, these estimates predicted by day 100 there would be 181 human survivors, and 190 million zombies.

If we take into account geographical isolation, the stats look a little better. By day 100, 273 humans would still be alive.

How do you feel about your chances now?


Zombie apocalypse

We have also not included the possibility for the humans to kill the zombies,” they stated.

However, don’t worry, they did do a follow up paper.

They implemented that every human had a 10 percent chance of killing a zombie during the apocalypse. On top of this, to make it more of a challenge, they extended every zombie life span by a year. The undergrads also took into account human population, and estimated a healthy woman could give birth every 3 years.

Fighting Zombies

Fighting and killing Zombies during a zombie apocalypse

Putting all this into the SIR model, the human population still rapidly fell apart within the first 100 days. However, there was hope for humanity! After 1,000 days, the zombie’s began to die off. Under this new model, after 10,000 days the human population would begin to rise again.


So, how do you think you’ll do in a zombie apocalypse? Will you be one of the lucky few during a zombie apocalypse?

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